Our Parent Prep course teaches parents what they need to know to better help their children improve their reading skills at home

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These workshops invite parents and children  ages 0-11 to come learn the skills needed to become a good reader. Each of the three one-hour workshops covers two skills and a take-home craft session that will aid in building the skills at home.  One-time workshops geared toward the parents of children in R2L's Team Read program are also held each year. Most importantly, parents learn how to share in the joy of reading with their children.   Workshops are run in conjunction with the Dallas Public Library’s Every Child Ready to Read program


Sessions are free and participants receive free books each week



Sessions can be held in English or Spanish



Call (214) 905-0095
Once you register for Parent Prep, an R2L staff member will contact you with information regarding upcoming dates and times.


Workshops are offered at Booktown and various locations throughout West Dallas.  Past workshop sites include:

Vickery Meadows Learning Center, West Dallas

West Dallas Community School

Heights Preparatory Academy

Sidney Lanier Elementary

Dallas Housing Authority, Lakeview Townhomes

Brother Bill’s Helping Hand

Pinkston High School (held at Booktown)

Our Parent Prep Partners:

I love helping parents see how vital their role is as their child’s first and most influential teacher. I like to see them nod in understanding when they see the link between their speech and their child’s vocabulary, and how reading can help.
— Susie Ashbaugh, Parent Prep Volunteer Instructor