We work with children in West Dallas to help them develop their reading and language skills to become life-long readers, learners and leaders. 

When students come to Readers 2 Leaders, they are below grade level in reading and struggling in school. Through a variety of programs, we reach these students with the enrichment they need to become on-level readers so they can succeed in school.

Until third grade, students are learning to read; after third grade, they are reading to learn. For most students, once they are behind in reading it can seem impossible to catch up. We know that if we can reach students early in their school career and help them achieve their reading goals, they will be able to thrive in all their academic work. Through small group tutoring, one-on-one reading practice, and engaging activities at Readers 2 Leaders, students learn to recognize the letters and sounds that make up words as well as the comprehension skills they need to understand stories. From this foundation, they can master age-appropriate literacy skills and learn to love reading.

Readers 2 Leaders works with more than 400 students each year, and every one of them makes reading gains. On average, R2L students gain 11.5 months of reading skills during 7 months of instruction. This accelerated pace allows students to beat the odds and reach grade level so they can thrive in school.


OUR 2017-2018 IMPACT


Students participated in after-school, in-school and summer camp


of students demonstrated reading growth


of students progressed at a normal or accelerated rate


of students progressed at an accelerated growth rate of 150% or more

The average student achieved

11.2 months

of reading growth during 7 months of instruction



parents graduated from The Concilio's PASE program hosted at R2L


children served in Team Read


minutes of tutoring per child per week


Readers 2 Leaders


Readers 2 Leaders provides Team Read, a high-quality tutoring program, to West Dallas children who are reading below grade level. Team Read helps students catch up so they can achieve their literacy goals and thrive in school. Learn more at readers2leaders.org and give back at readers2leaders.org/support-us