Summer Camp allows children to continue building essential reading skills during the summer, a time when many students lose academic ground gained during the school year

On average, a student that does not receive reading support over the summer regresses 2 months in reading. To avoid students from experiencing the “Summer Slide” and falling further behind grade level, we provide reading tutoring sessions through our Team Read Summer Camp. In addition to our regular reading tutoring program, children in the summer camp program engage in fun hands-on learning activities and field trips.

Our staff also serves 100 students at three nearby partner organizations during the summer. By providing programming during other summer camps, Readers 2 Leaders reaches more students with our proven model of literacy enrichment.

In 2019, 96 percent of Summer Camp students at Booktown did NOT experience the summer slide. That means they maintained or grew their reading skills and went back to school ready to learn.

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See our Summer Camp 2019 flyers below to learn more about how our camp works!

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Open to students entering kindergarten through 5th grade in the school year following summer camp.

Priority enrollment will be for students currently enrolled in Team Read, or that live or go to school in West Dallas. Open enrollment will be made available on a case by case basis for students in need of additional reading support. 


Enrollment for Summer Camp 2020 will open in April. 

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Interested in helping out at our summer camp?

Volunteer sessions available throughout the day.                         

Check back in April for more information on volunteering at Team Read Summer Camp 2020.